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👋  Hi, I'm Matt

I'm a software engineer who tends to solve community problems.
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Originally from Seattle, I moved to Minneapolis in 2013, where my wife and I currently live. Personally, I'm a pizza enthusiast, bicyclist, and am car-free. I tend to talk to everybody, and am very active in the community. Friends joke that after living here for 6 months, I knew more people in the Twin Cities than they did, and they grew up here.
Professionally, I'm a self-taught software engineer and entrepreneur. I started my career as a data analyst before teaching myself how to code, and my entrepreneurial pursuits include co-founding multiple businesses and community orgs. I'm always thinking up new side projects and business ideas, then experimenting to see if they've got potential. Technically, I'm most experienced with Ruby/Rails, React, and Javascript, but I also love learning new languages and frameworks.
I'm passionate about making the tech community more equitable and inclusive, and also helping junior folks grow in their careers. I have a strong bias for action and am motivated by impact - I love hearing when someone uses and appreciates something that I've built.


Last updated: April 2021
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I'm currenty focused full-time on Invisible Network.


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