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👋  Hi, I'm Matt

I'm a software engineer who tends to solve community problems.
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About me

I'm a Seattle transplant who moved to the Twin Cities over eight years ago. Pizza, coffee shops, biking, and public transit are some of my favorite things. I talk to everybody, love connecting people, and am very active in the community. Friends joke that after living in Minnesota for 6 months, I knew more people than they did, and they grew up here.
Professionally, I'm a software engineer and entrepreneur. I started my career as a data analyst before teaching myself how to code, and my entrepreneurial pursuits include founding a real-time transit app and an anonymous job matching service. Technically, I'm most experienced with Ruby/Rails, React, and Javascript, but always appreciate a good spreadsheet.
I'm perpetually thinking up new side projects and business ideas, then experimenting to see if they've got potential. This led me to start an event series to help Minnesotans make new friends, and also to create a community for aspiring and less-experienced software engineers.
I'm passionate about making the tech community more welcoming and inclusive, and also helping folks find the right jobs and career paths that fit them best. I have a strong bias for action and am motivated by impact - there's nothing more validating to me than hearing someone appreciates something that I've done or built.


Last updated: Aug 2021
I'm currenty a Senior Software Engineer at Drip, and spend my nights and weekends running Invisible Network.


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